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Breaking News English

Excellent free website with reading articles and activities at seven different levels of difficulty as well as listening, vocabulary and writing activities.

Children's e-books to explain the U. S. Census. Everybody Counts - English version - Spanish Version

Click here for speaking, listening, and reading materials for beginning through intermediate levels.

Ventures Toolkit and Supplemental Material Available Online!

Please check out the Ventures Teacher's Resource Room for materials. You will need to use your email address and create a password to register, but the materials are free.

This free website offers lessons in grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, and pronunciation.

This website features links to a wide variety of reading practice activities for all reading levels.

Multi-Level ESL Resources

This webpage contains links to a large number of ESL resources from very basic literacy and vocabulary practice to more advanced reading and grammar exercises.

Grammar games and quizzes covering sentence structure and parts of speech for low-beginning to high intermediate levels.

Supplemental material for Ventures curriculum.

Beginning to intermediate English lessons for Spanish speakers in vocabulary, grammar, U.S. History, Civics, and Citizenship.

Basic Literacy

Interactive online games suitable for beginning literacy students. Focus is on very basic skills including alphabet, numbers, shapes, and simple sight words.

Interactive program to teach sounds, letters, and basic words.

Beginning Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary

Picture dictionary with audio and skills practice for beginning English language learners.

Listening and reading exercises for beginning to low intermediate English language learners.

Interactive website with quizzes to help non-readers learn and practice the letter sounds.

Sign up for a free account and allow students to create personalized story books that they may read to their own children.

Beginning level reading, grammar, pronunciation, and ESL picture dictionary

Website with ideas on how to use dialogues for helping English language learners gain speaking skills needed for everyday situations. It includes links to sample dialogues for learners of various proficiency levels.

Intermediate Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Vocabulary

Interactive website providing help with vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling with interactive word lists leveled from Grade 1 to Grade 6 reading levels.

Free online reading, vocabulary, and grammar lessons and exercise for beginning through advanced students.

Advanced Reading, Grammar, Math, and Career Planning

Completely free online resource with interactive activities in reading and grammar appropriate for both English language learners and Adult Basic Education (ABE) students. The site also provides free tutorials on math, basic life skills, career planning, and computer skills.

Interactive website aimed at helping women explore careers in technology. Audio feature helps in making the site usable for lower level adult readers.